A comparative study of the concept of «Love» in the Old Testament and Quran

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1 University of Isfahan,Faculty of Literature and Humanities

2 ,University of Isfahan


In today’s world,comparative studies of religions could serve as a solution for making peace amongst their followers.Finding common themes can help resolve misunderstandings.Spirituality is one of the teachings common to all monotheistic religions.Love is considered as one of the stages of spirituality of religions.‘Love’is a common ethical and behavioral teaching in every monotheistic religion.God has first given his love to man and thus,has connected men with each other and has thought them to love one another,and has also introduced ways of gaining this virtue.Divine religions of revelation have attended to this concept more than others.This paper intends to study the concept of love,the bidirectional loving relationship between man and God,praiseworthy and blameworthy types of love,and ways of gaining God’s love in Judaismy and Islam based on the old Testament and Qur’an so that the common and differing points in these two scriptures are identified and their primary messages to man are disambiguated.


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